Cannabis Oil For Epilepsy

Cannabis Oil For Epilepsy? Surrounding the recent news on children with severe Epilepsy, parents are turning to Cannabis Oil for help. Around 50 million people suffer from Epilepsy worldwide and over 500.000 thousand people have Epilepsy in the UK, and it affects around 1 in every 200 children and young people under 18. Two most… Read More »Cannabis Oil For Epilepsy

Doctors can finally prescribe medicinal Cannabis in the UK

Doctors can finally prescribe Medicinal Cannabis in the UK. Medicinal Cannabis will be available to be prescribed from specialist doctors from the 1 st of November in England, Scotland and Wales. After the recent events surrounding two young children Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell both suffer from severe epilepsy, both being denied access to cannabis… Read More »Doctors can finally prescribe medicinal Cannabis in the UK